Stickhandling for Roller Hockey

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The most comprehensive DVD for RollerHockey or Inline Hockey with over 120 Roller Hockey Techniques & moves.

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Stickhandling for Roller Hockey

1 hour 7 minutes

The most comprehensive DVD for RollerHockey or Inline Hockey. Stickhandling for Roller Hockey will show all the different ways possible to move with the puck. This DVD has over 120 Stickhandling Agility Techniques and over 15 different moves fakes and dekes. This DVD is a must for all roller hockey players.


CHAPTER 1 – Skating with the Puck
CHAPTER 2 – Dribbling
CHAPTER 3 – Faking
CHAPTER 4 – Toe Control
CHAPTER 5 – Lightning Footwork
CHAPTER 6 – Cupping the Puck
CHAPTER 7 – Expansion of Reach
CHAPTER 8 – Advanced Movements
CHAPTER 9 – Puck Tricks


CHAPTER 1 – The Moves

  1. Front Fake
  2. Double Front Fake
  3. Under the Stick Fake
  4. Toe Drag(Pull-in Move or Gordie Howe Move)
  5. Pull-in/Push-out Move
  6. Fake Slap Shot
  7. Side Fake
  8. Gretzky Move
  9. Side Fake/Gretzky Move
  10. Backhand Spin(Bobby Orr Move)
  11. Forehand Spin
  12. Spin-O-Rama(Dennis Savard Move)
  13. Front Fake Spin

CHAPTER 2 – Advanced Moves

  1. Front Fake/Pull from Behind
  2. Salming Move
  3. Gretzky/Pull-in Move
  4. Pull-in/Backhand Spin
  5. Russian Move
  6. Lemieux Move
  7. Gretzky/Under the Stick Move
  8. Skinn Move
  9. Jagr Move
  10. Side Fake/Skinn Move
  11. Over the Top

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2 reviews for Stickhandling for Roller Hockey

  1. chad (verified owner)

    I’ve been using this video for about a couple of weeks and it has helped my stickhandling & knowledge of positioning so much in the short time I’ve been using it.

  2. Brad (verified owner)

    This series is great for both advanced and beginner players and teaches the theory of stickhandling as well, not just set moves.

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