Hockey School & Training Sessions

Through Skinner Hockey, Inc. Sean provides mini-clinics and week-long training sessions all year round. These specialty clinics are conducted on Stickhandling, Hockey Skating, Checking, Shooting and Dryland Training.

Skinner Hockey Schools and Training are offered all over the world and are conducted on a consulting basis. NHL teams, International Hockey Federations, Hockey Associations, Clubs, and Individual Coaches and Teams hire Sean Skinner and staff to give specialized skill training.

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Current Training Schedule

Jan, 2-6Contact Sean
Jan, 9-13Contact Sean
Jan, 13-16
Kazan, RussiaTatneft Muslim World TournamentContact Sean
Jan 27-29
Mozhaysk, RussiaWHL TournamentContact Sean
Jan, 30
Moscow, RussiaSean Skinner's
Contact Sean
Feb, 3-6
Kazan, RussiaKazan Federation
Religious Tournament
Contact Sean
Feb, 23
Balashiha, RussiaMoscow Region Pond Hockey ClassicContact Sean
Feb 24
Moscow, RussiaArena Play South 3on3
Bloggers Tournament
Contact Sean
Feb, 25-26
Krasnogorsk, RussiaHockey Media Tournament Arena StartContact Sean
Mar, 4-16Phuket, ThailandContact Sean
Mar, 20-24Contact Sean
Mar, 27-31
Kazan, RussiaElite Stickhandling
Dennis Zaripov and
Sean Skinner
2 hrs on-ice
1 hr dryland

5 days
45,000 rubContact Sean
Apr, 3-7Detroit, MIContact Sean
Apr, 10-14Detroit MIContact Sean
Apr, 17-21Omsk, RussiaElite Stickhandling2 hrs on-ice
1 hr dryland

5 days
Contact Sean
Apr, 30-May 4Moscow, RussiaElite Stickhandling
Sean Skinner
1:15 min on-ice
1 hr dryland

5 days
28,000 rubContact Sean
May, 10-16Sochi, RussiaWHL Night Hockey League Championship TournamentContact Sean
May 19-21Kazan, RussiaTournament
May 22-28Kaliningrad, RussiaOPEN - Call or messageContact Sean
May, 29-2Kazan, RussiaElite Stickhandling
Dennis Zaripov and
Sean Skinner
Contact Sean
Jun, 5-9Krasnoygorsk, Moscow, Russia
Start Arena
Elite Stickhandling2 hrs on-ice
1 hr dryland

5 days
40,000 rubContact Sean
Jun, 11-14St. Petersburg, RussiaElite Stickhandling2 hrs on-ice

4 days
Contact Sean
Jun, 18-22Luverne, MN Elite Stickhandling
Sean Skinner and
Val Manchak/Jensen - Infinite Edge PowerSkating
2 hrs on-ice

5 days
$295Contact Sean
Jun, 26-30Available -OPENContact Sean
July, 3-7
KHL Camp Kazan, RussiaContact Sean
July 10-14Moscow, Russia
Arena Play
Elite Stickhandling
2 hrs on-ice
1 hr dryland

5 days
40,000 rubContact Sean
Jul, 17-21Available -OPENContact Sean
Jul, 24-28Boise, IDElite Stickhandling
Sean Skinner and
Val Manchak/Jensen - Infinite Edge PowerSkating
2 hrs on-ice

5 days
$350Contact Sean
Jul, 31-4Available -OPENContact Sean
Aug, 7-11Available -OPENContact Sean
Aug, 14-18Elmwood Park, NJElite StickhandlingContact Sean
Aug, 21-25Sapporo, JapanElite StickhandlingContact Sean
Aug, 28-1Kushiro, JapanElite Stickhandling
Wild Pro Team
Contact Sean
Sep, 4-8Tokyo, JapanElite StickhandlingContact Sean
Sep, 11Detroit, MIContact Sean
Sep, 18Detroit, MIContact Sean
Sep, 25Miami, FLContact Sean
Oct, 02Boca, FLContact Sean
Oct, 9-13West Palm Beach, FLContact Sean
Oct, 16-20Detroit, MIContact Sean
Oct, 23-27Bangkok, ThailandElite Stickhandling
Warrior Ice Arena
2 hours a day for 5 days+66.89.695.9966
Contact Sean
Oct, 30Bangkok, ThailandTournamentAmateur Hockey Euroleague (AMHEL)www.amhel.comContact Sean
Nov, 06Pattaya, ThailandContact Sean
Nov, 13Phuket, ThailandContact Sean
Nov, 20Detroit, MIContact Sean
Nov, 27Available -OPEN- CallContact Sean
Dec, 04Available -OPEN- CallContact Sean
Dec, 11Available -OPEN- CallContact Sean
Dec, 18Available -OPEN- CallContact Sean
Dec, 25St. Petersburg, RussiaAvailable -OPEN- CallContact Sean
Jan 1-5
Jan 8-12
Jan 15-19
Jan 22-26
Jan 29-2
Feb 5-9
Feb 12-16
Feb 19-23
Feb 26-1
March 4-8
March 11-15
March 18-22
March 25-29
April 1-5
April 8-12
April 15-19
April 22-26
April 29-3

View Past Dates & Locations

Feb 20-24Great Neck, NYStickhandling$350 Residents
$420 Non-Residents
Details & Register
March 6-10Olymp Center,
St. Petersburg, Russia
Dryland Stickhandling Training 8.812.335.96.98
April 4-8Novosibirsk, RussiaStickhandlingIceberg Arena
April 10-13Krasnoyrask, RussiaStickhandling Podgorny
May 10-16Sochi, RussiaTournamentNight Hockey League
May 11Sochi, RussiaStickhandling HC Sochi U10 & U12
May 23-26Elmwood Park, NJ
Cutting Edge Academy
In the evenings
See linkDetails & Register
May 31-3ZOOM ONLINE TRAININGZoom StickhandlingZoom Training Classes
June 13-17Novosibirsk, RussiaStickhandling & Hockey SkillsMonday-Friday
Iceberg Arena
June 20-24St Petersburg, RussiaSt Petersburg, RussiaSt Petersburg, Russia
June 27-1Krasnoyrask, RussiaDefense & CheckingMonday-Thursday
July 4-8OPEN
July 11-15Port Washington, Long Island NYStickhandlingMonday-Friday
July 18-22Nashville, TNShooting & Scoring,
July 25-27St Petersburg, RussiaSt Petersburg, RussiaSt Petersburg, Russia
Aug 1-5Sochi, RussiaStickhandlingMonday-Friday
Aug 8-12OPEN
August 15-19Elmwood Park, NJ
Cutting Edge Academy
StickhandlingMonday-FridaySee linkDetails & Register
August 21-23Sioux Falls, SDStickhandling Sunday-Tuesday
Sept 18-21Sniper Center
St. Petersburg
Stickhandling Sunday-Wednesday
Oct 31-Nov 3OPEN
Nov 7-11OPEN
Nov 28-2Everest Academy Toronto, CanadaStickhandlingMonday-Friday
Dec 5-9Everest Academy
Toronto, Canada
Dec 26-29Detroit, MIStickhandling & ScoringMonday-Thursday
May 24-27Elmwood Park, NJ
Cutting Edge Academy
In the evenings
See linkDetails & Register
June 7-11Moscow Fetisov AcademyStickhandlingFetisov Hockey Academy
June 14-22St. Petersburg, RussiaStickhandling
June 23-30Antalya, Turkey
July 1-4Nur-Sultan, Kazakhstan
July 5-9Kyzylorda, KazakhstanStickhandling
July 12-16Nur-Sultan, KazakhstanStickhandling
July 19-23Nur-Sultan, KazakhstanStickhandling
July 26-30Almaty, KazakhstanStickhandling
August 1-5Tashkent, Uzbekistan StickhandlingSun-Thurs
August 9-13Madison, WIStickhandling &
Mon-FriSee linkDetails & Register
August 16-20Elmwood Park, NJ
Cutting Edge Academy
StickhandlingMon-FriSee linkDetails & Register
August 22-26OPEN
August 26-Sept 5Maldives
Sept 5-12Ukraine
Sept 12-30Dubai, Al Ain, Abu Dhabi, UAE
Oct 17-31Dubai, UAE
Oct 31-Nov 7Sir Lanka
Nov 7-12Dubai, UAE
December 5-13Online ZOOMStickhandling2hr/class$215Register
December 12-16Online ZOOMStickhandling2hr/class$200Register
Dec 19-Jan 30 St Petersburg, Russia
Jan 1-3Beijing, ChinaTeam TrainingBookedPrivate
Jan 6-10Beijing, ChinaTeam TrainingBookedPrivate
Jan 19-24Bangkok, ThailandPro StickhandlingBookedOpenEmail
Jan 24-2COVIDCanceled
Feb 3-7COVIDCanceled
Feb 10-14COVIDCanceled
Feb 17-21COVIDCanceled
Feb 24-28COVIDCanceled
Mar 2-6COVIDCanceled
Mar 8-13COVIDCanceled
Mar 16-20COVIDCanceled
Mar 23-27COVIDCanceled
Mar 30-3COVIDCanceled
Apr 6-10COVIDCanceled
Apr 13-17COVIDCanceled
Apr 20-24COVIDCanceled
Apr 27-1COVIDCanceled
May 4-8COVIDCanceled
May 10-15COVIDCanceled
May 17-21COVIDCanceled
May 25-29COVIDCanceled
May 1-5COVIDCanceled
Jun 1-55pmComplete Stickhandling5 Days - 5 Hrs$100
Jun 8-127pmComplete Stickhandling5 Days - 5 Hrs$100
Jun 15-226:30pmComplete Stickhandling5 Days - 6.25 Hrs$125
Jun 22-2910amAdvanced Stickhandling5 Days - 5 Hrs$100
Jun 22-293pmAdvanced Stickhandling5 Days - 5 Hrs$100
Jun 22-297pmAdvanced Stickhandling5 Days - 5 Hrs$100
Jun 28-1ChicagoPrivate Lessons
July 6-103pmAdvanced Stickhandling5 Days - 6.25 Hrs$125
July 6-107pm KazakhstanAdvanced Stickhandling5 Days - 6.25 Hrs$75
July 20-243pmPro Stickhandling5 Days - 7.5 Hrs$150
July 20-247pm UkraineAdvanced Stickhandling5 Days - 6.25 Hrs$75
July 26-2
Aug 3-75pm KazakhstanStickhandling for Coaches5 Days - 7.5 HrsSponsored
Aug 3-75pm Russia & BelarusMaster Stickhandling5 Days - 7.5 Hrs$75
Aug 3-76pm Czech Rep & Eastern EuropeMaster Stickhandling5 Days - 7.5 Hrs$75
Aug 10-14Madison, WI Stickhandling
Aug 17-21Elmwood Park, NJStickhandlingCutting Edge AcademyRegister
Aug 24-2810amPro Stickhandling5 Days - 7.5 Hrs$150Details
Aug 24-283pmPro Stickhandling5 Days - 7.5 Hrs$150Details
Aug 31 - Sept 3Bristol, PAAdvanced Stickhandling4 Days - Grundy Ice Arena$299Details
Dec 30, 2018Jan 5, 2019TorontoCanada
Jan 6, 2019Jan 12, 2019BeijingChina
Feb 17, 2019Feb 23, 2019BeijingChina
Feb 24, 2019Mar 2, 2019BeijingChina
Mar 1, 2019Mar 3, 2019MoscowRussia
Mar 3, 2019Mar 9, 2019BeijingChina
Mar 10, 2019Mar 16, 2019BeijingChina
Mar 17, 2019Mar 23, 2019BeijingChina
Mar 24, 2019Mar 30, 2019BeijingChina
Mar 31, 2019Apr 4, 2019DetroitMI
Apr 5, 2019Apr 7, 2019NJ/NY
Apr 8, 2019Apr 10, 2019Sweden
Apr 11, 2019May 15, 2019Latvia
Apr 19, 2019Apr 28, 2019Hawaii
Apr 28, 2019May 4, 2019DetroitMI
May 5, 2019May 11, 2019ChelyabinskRussia
May 12, 2019May 18, 2019SochiRussia
May 19, 2019May 25, 2019Elmwood ParkNJ
May 26, 2019DetroitMI
Jun 2, 2019Jun 8, 2019SochiRussia
Jun 9, 2019Shavous
Jun 12, 2019Jun 23, 2019Turks & CaicosIslands
Jun 24, 2019Jun 28, 2019BostonMA
Jul 1, 2019Jul 3, 2019Grosse PointeMI
Jul 7, 2019Jul 13, 2019Elmwood ParkNJ
Jul 14, 2019Jul 20, 2019BeijingChina
Jul 21, 2019Jul 27, 2019BeijingChina
Jul 28, 2019Aug 2, 2019BeijingChina
Aug 5, 2019Aug 9, 2019ShanghaiChina
Aug 12, 2019Aug 16, 2019MadisonWI
Aug 19, 2019Aug 23, 2019Elmwood ParkNJ
Aug 25, 2019Sep 1, 2019Red SeaEgypt
Aug 26, 2019Aug 30, 2019TorontoCanada
Sep 2, 2019Sep 7, 2019BeijingChina
Sep 8, 2019Sep 14, 2019BeijingChina
Sep 15, 2019Sep 21, 2019BeijingChina
Sep 22, 2019Sep 28, 2019BeijingChina
Sep 29, 2019DetroitMI
Oct 6, 2019Oct 12, 2019DetroitMI
Oct 13, 2019Oct 19, 2019DetroitMI
Oct 20, 2019Oct 26, 2019DetroitMI
Oct 27, 2019Nov 2, 2019DetroitMI
Nov 3, 2019Nov 9, 2019BeijingChina
Nov 10, 2019Nov 16, 2019BeijingChina
Nov 17, 2019Nov 23, 2019DetroitMI
Nov 24, 2019Nov 30, 2019BeijingChina
Dec 1, 2019Dec 7, 2019BeijingChina
Dec 8, 2019Dec 14, 2019TorontoCanada
Dec 15, 2019Dec 21, 2019BeijingChina
Dec 22, 2019Dec 28, 2019TorontoCanada
Jan 7, 2018Jan 13, 2018Cayman Islands
Jan 28, 2018Feb 3, 2018ShanghaiChina
Feb 4, 2018Feb 10, 2018ShanghaiChina
Feb 11, 2018Feb 17, 2018BeijingChina
Feb 18, 2018Feb 24, 2018BeijingChina
Feb 25, 2018Mar 3, 2018Similian Islands
Mar 4, 2018Mar 10, 2018PhuketThailand
Mar 18, 2018Mar 24, 2018St PetersburgRussia
Apr 1, 2018Apr 7, 2018CancunMexico
Apr 8, 2018Apr 14, 2018WayneNJ
Apr 15, 2018Apr 21, 2018Elmwood ParkNJ
Apr 29, 2018May 5, 2018BeijingChina
May 6, 2018May 12, 2018Hawaii
May 13, 2018May 19, 2018BeijingChina
May 27, 2018Jun 2, 2018St. PetersburgRussia
Jun 3, 2018Jun 9, 2018BeijingChina
Jun 10, 2018Jun 16, 2018BeijingChina
Jun 17, 2018Jun 23, 2018DedhamNJ
Jun 24, 2018Jun 30, 2018Elmwood ParkNJ
Jul 1, 2018Jul 7, 2018MoscowRussia
Jul 8, 2018Jul 14, 2018ChicagoIL
Jul 15, 2018Jul 19, 2018Long IslandNY
Jul 20, 2018Jul 21, 2018MoscowRussia
Jul 22, 2018Jul 28, 2018AstanaKazakastan
Jul 29, 2018Aug 4, 2018AstanaKazakastan
Aug 5, 2018Aug 11, 2018ChicagoIL
Aug 12, 2018Aug 25, 2018MadisonWI
Aug 19, 2018Aug 25, 2018Elmwood ParkNJ
Aug 26, 2018Sep 1, 2018Los CabosMexico
Sep 2, 2018Sep 8, 2018BeijingChina
Sep 9, 2018Sep 15, 2018BeijingChina
Sep 16, 2018Sep 22, 2018BeijingChina
Sep 23, 2018Sep 29, 2018BeijingChina
Sep 30, 2018Oct 6, 2018BeijingChina
Oct 7, 2018Oct 13, 2018BeijingChina
Oct 14, 2018Oct 18, 2018BeijingChina
Oct 19, 2018Oct 20, 2018NovosibirskRussia
Oct 21, 2018Oct 27, 2018DetroitMI
Oct 28, 2018Nov 3, 2018BeijingChina
Nov 4, 2018Nov 10, 2018BeijingChina
Nov 11, 2018Nov 17, 2018BeijingChina
Nov 18, 2018Nov 24, 2018BeijingChina
Nov 25, 2018Dec 1, 2018DetroitMI
Dec 2, 2018Dec 8, 2018NassauBahamas
Dec 9, 2018Dec 15, 2018BeijingChina
Dec 16, 2018Dec 19, 2018BeijingChina
Dec 20, 2018Dec 22, 2018DetroitMI
Dec 23, 2018Dec 26, 2018TorontoCanada
Dec 27, 2018Dec 29, 2018OttawaCanada
Dec 30, 2018Jan 5, 2019TorontoCanada
Jan 2-6Quebec City
Jan 9-13Quebec City
Jan 16-20Private Booking
Jan 22-26BeijingChina
Jan 29-2ShanghaiChina
Feb 5-9JakartaIndonesia
Feb 13-17Raja AmpartIndonesia
Feb 20-24Private Booking
Feb 27-3Private Booking
March 6-10Quebec City
March 12-16Quebec City
March 20-24South St. PaulMN
March 26-30Elmwood ParkNJ
April 3-7DetroitMI
April 10-14SarniaItaly
April 17-21SarniaItaly
April 24-28NYC
May 1-5NYC
May 8-12PragueCzech Republic
May 15-19Cairo & LuxorEgypt
May 22-26Red SeaEgypt
May 29-2Private Booking
June 5-8San AntonioTX
June 12-16DedhamMA
June 19-23BethlehemPA
June 25-29ChicagoIL
July 3-7MinskBelarus
July 10-14Elmwood ParkNJ
July 16-20Hub Long IslandNY
July 24-28Grosse Pointe WoodsMI
July 30-3ChicagoIL
Aug 7-11BostonMA
Aug 14-18MadisonWI
Aug 21-25Private Booking
Aug 28-1Long Island CityNY
Sept 4-8Private Booking
Sept 11-15MinskBelarus
Sept 18-22Private Booking
Sept 25-29OdessaUkraine
Oct 2-6Private Booking
Oct 9-13Private Booking
Oct 16-20Private Booking
Oct 23-27MinskBelarus
Oct 30-3SoligorskBelarus
Nov 6-10KievUkraine
Nov 13-17Private Booking
Nov 20-24Private Booking
Nov 27-1JakartaIndonesia
Dec 4-8Private Booking
Dec 11-15Kuala LumpurMalaysia
Dec 18-22New York City
Dec 26-29ChicagoIL
Jan 4-8AdelaideAustralia
Jan 11-15PerthAustralia
Jan 18-22SydneyAustralia
Jan 18-28 Moscow
Feb 1-5 MelbourneAustralia
Feb 1-4Grand RapidsMN
Feb 14-18 San DiegoCA
Feb 21-25Mexico CityMexico
March 6-10 St. PaulMN
March 20-25 MinskBelarus
March 20-25 VancouverBC
March 27-31Elmwood ParkNJ
April 11-15Herisau
May 16-20 Prague
May 15-19 VareseItaly
June 6-10San AntonioTexas
June 14-17Grosse Pointe WoodsMI
June 20-24BethlehemPA
June 27-1Elmwood ParkNJ
July 4-8TuckahoeNY
July 11-15ChicagoIL
July 18-22Grosse Pointe WoodsMI
July 25-29Beijing
July 25-29Clinton Twp.Michigan
August 1-5ChicagoIL
August 1-5 SyracuseNY
August 1-5 Salt Lake CityUT
August 8-12AugustaME
August 15-19BlaineMN
August 22-26Elmwood ParkNJ
August 26-28Ånge
August 29-2MadisonWI
Sept 12-16VancouverBC
Sept 19-23Mexico CityMexico
Oct 30-3Private Booking
Nov 6-10BangkokThailand
Nov 13-17BangkokThialand
Nov 27-1Private Booking
Dec 4-8Canary Islands Alejandro Molina
Dec 11-15Private Booking
Dec 18-22Private Booking
Dec 26-30ChicagoIL
Dec 30TorontoCanada
Jan 12, 2019DubaiUAE
Feb 9, 2019MinskBelarus
Feb 23, 2019BratislavaSlovakia
Mar 2, 2019St PaulMN
Mar 9, 2019Vadnais HtsMN
Mar 30, 2019Elamwood ParkNJ
May 4, 2019MinskBelarus
May 25, 2019CantonOH
Jun 8, 2019ChelybinskRussia
Jun 22, 2019BethlehemPA
Jun 29, 2019PlzenCzech Republic
Jul 6, 2019ChicagoIL
Jul 13, 2019St. LouisMO
Jul 20, 2019ClevelandOH
Jul 27, 2019Elmwood ParkNJ
Aug 3, 2019ChicagoIL
Aug 10, 2019BratislavaSlovakia
Aug 24, 2019BlaineMN
Jan 3, 2019AspenCO
Jan 13, 2019ChicagoIL
Feb 24, 2019StamfordCT
Mar 3, 2019St PaulMN
Mar 10, 2019S. St PaulMN
Mar 17, 2019YorkPA
Apr 7, 2019StamfordCT
Apr 14, 2019Italy
Apr 21, 2019OmskRussia
May 5, 2019Sweden
May 19, 2019Elmwood ParkNJ
Jun 2, 2019CantonOH
Jun 16, 2019BethlehemPA
Jun 23, 2019PittstonPA
Jul 7, 2019ChicagoIL
Jul 21, 2019MarquetteMI
Jul 28, 2019Elmwood ParkNJ
Aug 4, 2019St LouisMO