Stickhandling Beyond Belief

Never before has there ever been such a comprehensive video series with Russian, European, Canadian and American stickhandling techniques and moves. This 2nd Edition over 8 hours now contains over 3 hours of new instruction. Over 300 new shots added with over 150 agility techniques, 35 moves, fakes or dekes, 100 on-ice drills, 100 dryland training exercises. Available on DVD and VHS.

Just about every International Federation has purchased or uses this series including the Russian, Swedish, Finnish and Czech Republic Federations. Canadian Hockey has sold the series and now the OMHA (Ontario Minor Hockey Association) and the HDCO (Hockey Development Centre ofOntario) sells the series., Perani's, Better Hockey and ChampionshipBooks also sell the series. Just about every Division I College has purchased or uses the set and some NHL teams also use this series!

View DVD 1 - Stickhandling Theory and Preparation - 67 min.
View DVD 2 - Stickhandling Agility Techniques - 176 min.
View DVD 3 - The Moves, Fakes or Dekes - 69 min.
View DVD 4 - On-ice Drills and Drills for Coaches - 95 min.
View DVD 5 - Dryland Training for Stickhandling - 105 min.

Available on DVD Disc or Video on Demand
in English or Russian

Theory and Preparation

Agility Techniques

Moves, Fakes or Dekes

Drills for Coaches

Dryland Training


The Russians have never translated any videos or DVDs into Russian but now, for the first time  ever the Russians have translated the Stickhandling Beyond Belief DVD series.  You can purchase a Russian copy at


The third largest hockey country in the world also has hired Sean Skinner to make instructional DVDs as well. Now players and coaches can get instruction in Swedish on three topics: HockeySkating (Skridskotnik), Stickhandling (Klubbteknik & Hockey Specific Dryland Training (Ishockeyspedifik barmarkstraning).


After Skinner conducted two very successful teaching tours in Japan a private company and the Japanese Ice Hockey Federation in a combined effort translated most of the Skinner Hockey DVD's into Japanese.  For more information or to pruchase go to: or


Sean works for Hockey Canada. Presenting at their Level 5 Coaching Symposium and then speaking twice at their Hockey Cananda Skills Development Program. Hockey Canada purchased 100 Sets of the Stickhandling Beyond Belief! DVDs for their Hockey Skills Academies program instructors.

CCM Guts & Glory Tour

Sean Skinner and CCM have just completed 2 years of the Guts & Glory North American Tour and Training Camp.  It was a huge success providing stickhandling and hockey skating skills instruction in the largest ice arenas in the largest cities across North American.  Players saw amazing highlight video footage, participated in detailed dryland training exercises and intense on-ice sessions.  See highlight clips and Sean Skinner withAlexander Ovechkin


HOT NEWS: Sean Skinner works with the Montreal Canadiens. Montreal Canadiens purchased 50 sets of the DVD series, "Stickhandling Beyond Belief!" for all of their players and coaches.