Stickhandling Theory and Preparation


Volume 1 of 5: Includes Stickhandling Theory, Preparation, Skating, The Stick, Areas & Spaces and different Training Tools.

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Volume 1:
Stickhandling Theory & Preparation

CHAPTER 1 – Intro to Stickhandling Theory
  1. What makes the best hockey players
  2. What is Stickhanding
  3. Perfect Practice Makes Perfect
  4. Permanent Motor Programs
CHAPTER 2 – Preparation

A. Skating for Stickhandling
  1. Shuffle Stride/scooting
  2. Inside Edge half circles
B. The Hockey Stick
  1. Right or Left Handed
  2. Type of Stick
  3. Type of Blade
  4. Type of Toe on Stick
  5. How much Curve
  6. Stick Lie
  7. Stick Height
  8. Taping the Stick
  9. The Knob – Power Plug
  10. Holding the Stick
  11. Gripping the Stick
  12. Stick Flexibility or Stiffness
C. Stickhandling Areas & Spaces
D. Stickhandling Training Tools
  1. Short Stick Blade
  2. Small Puck
  3. Hollow Puck
  4. Heavy & Light Pucks
  5. Stick Weights
  6. Big Puck
  7. Attack Triangles
  8. Stickhandling Rack
  9. Wooden Bars
  10. Dribble Glasses

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