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2020 Schedule

Jan 1-3Beijing
Jan 6-10Beijing
Jan 10-18Phuket
Jan 19-24Bangkok
Jan 24-2Ngerulmud
Feb 3-7
Feb 10-14Beijing
Feb 17-21Beijing
Feb 24-28Beijing
Mar 2-6Beijing
Mar 8-13
Mar 16-20Beijing
Mar 23-27Beijing
Mar 30-3
Apr 6-10Israel
Apr 13-17Israel
Apr 20-24
Apr 27-1
May 4-8
May 10-15Sochi
May 17-21Elmwood Park
May 25-29
May-30Long Beach
May 1-5Riga
Jun 8-12
Jun 15-19
Jun 22-26Khariv
Jun 29-3Minsk
Jul 6-10
Jul 13-17
Jul 20-24
Jul 27-31
Aug 3-7
Aug 10-14Madison
Aug 17-21Elmwood Park
Aug 24-28
Aug 31-4
Sep 7-11
Sep 14-18
Sep 21-25
Sep 28-2
Oct 5-9
Oct 12-16
Oct 19-23
Oct 26-30
Nov 2-6
Nov 9-13
Nov 16-20
Nov 23-27
Nov 30-4
Dec 7-11
Dec 14-18
Dec 22-25
Dec 28-1

Welcome to Skinner Hockey

The world’s #1 site for stickhandling and skills instruction!

Skinner Hockey offers the #1 Stickhandling DVD Series worldwide and Skills Training through Schools, Clinics and Consulting. He also serves as a leader in educating coaches on Stickhandling through speaking at major coaching symposiums worldwide.  If you would like to host a Skills Training Session, a Coaching Symposium or a Stickhandling Hockey School or Clinic please use our contact form or call Sean Skinner at 248-877-6441.

Sean’s Hockey School

Through Skinner Hockey, Inc. Sean provides mini-clinics and week-long training sessions all year round. These specialty clinics are conducted on Stickhandling, Hockey Skating, Checking, Shooting and Dryland Training. Sean has worked for Hockey Canada, the Swedish Ice Hockey Federation, and some of the top clubs in Russia.  He has also worked with the Montreal Canadiens, Buffalo Sabres, Florida Panthers, St. Louis Blues, Carolina Hurricains, U.S.Olympic Women’s Hockey Team, USA Hockey, the IIHF(International Ice Hockey Federation), the English Ice Hockey Federation, the Japanese Ice Hockey Federation, Israel Ice Hockey Federation, Hong Kong Ice Hockey Association, and worked in Canada, United States, Russia, Sweden, Finland, Norway, China, Switzerland, Germany, Austria, Czech Republic, Denmark, Iceland, Australia, Namibia, South Africa, Romania, Israel, China, Japan, Singapore, Taiwan and Mexico.

Available Dates

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RUSSIAN HOCKEY Unprecedented…America hockey coach, Sean Skinner, teaches in Moscow, St. Petersburg and Ufa, Russia and visits the Great Russian Hockey Clubs:  Spartak, Dynamo, CSKA and SKA.

RUSSIAN TRANSLATION The Russians have never translated any videos or DVDs into Russian but now, for the first time ever the Russians have translated the Stickhandling Beyond Belief DVD series. You can purchase a Russian copy at http://www.hockeyschool.ru/

SWEDISH ICE HOCKEY The third largest hockey country in the world also has hired Sean Skinner to make instructional DVDs as well. Now players and coaches can get instruction in Swedish on three topics: HockeySkating (Skridskotnik), Stickhandling (Klubbteknik & Hockey Specific Dryland Training (Ishockeyspedifik barmarkstraning).

JAPANESSE ICE HOCKEY After Skinner conducted two very successful teaching tours in Japan a private company and the Japanese Ice Hockey Federation in a combined effort translated most of the Skinner Hockey DVD’s into Japanese.  For more information or to pruchase go to:  www.jihf.or.jp or www.wisecart.ne.jp/jihfoff/9.3/29196

CCM Guts & Glory Tour 2007 & 2008 Sean Skinner and CCM have just completed 2 years of the Guts & Glory North American Tour and Training Camp.  It was a huge success providing stickhandling and hockey skating skills instruction in the largest ice arenas in the largest cities across North American.  Players saw amazing highlight video footage, participated in detailed dryland training exercises and intense on-ice sessions.  See highlight clips and Sean Skinner with Alexander Ovechkin.

HOCKEY CANADA Sean works for Hockey Canada.  Presenting at their Level 5 Coaching Symposium and then speaking twice at their Hockey Cananda Skills Development Program. Hockey Canada purchased 100 Sets of the Stickhandling Beyond Belief! DVDs for their Hockey Skills Academies program instructors.

Canlan Ice Sports Corp & Skinner Hockey have teamed up for Summer Stickhandling HANDS of GOLD tour 2009.  5 Locations:  Scarborough, Regina, Saskatoon, Edmonton & Winnepeg.

MONTREAL CANADIENS HOT NEWS…Sean Skinner works with the Montreal Canadiens (click here for article).  Montreal Canadiens purchased 50 sets of the DVD series, “Stickhandling Beyond Belief!” for all of their players and coaches.

INTERNATIONAL FEDERATION & NHL TEAMS Sean Skinner has worked with Hockey Canada, the Swedish Ice Hockey Federation, the Montreal Canadiens, Buffalo Sabres, Florida Panthers, St. Louis Blues, Carolina Hurricains, the US Olympic Women’s Hockey team, the English Ice Hockey Federation, the Japanese Ice Hockey Federation, the International Ice Hockey Federation, IMG and worked in Russia, Canada, United States, Norway, Sweden, Finland, Switzerland, Germany, Czech Republic, Austria, Denmark, Iceland, China, Hong Kong, Australia, Israel, Turkey, Namibia, South Africa and Taiwan.

COACHING SYMPOSIUMS Sean is also a guest lecturer and has presented at over 70 different coaching symposiums including the IIHF(Int’l Ice Hockey Federation coaching symposium hosted at the World Championships in Sweden & Zurich), Hockey Canada’s Level 5, Roger Neilson’s Coaching Symposium, USA Hockey Coaching Education Program Levels 2-4 in Michigan, Boston, Philadelphia, New Jersey, New York, Florida, California, Alaska and Nevada, the Minnesota High School Coaches Symposium and Pro Hockey Services Coaching Symposium. Sean has also presented internationally with the Swedish and English Ice Hockey Federations and coaching for the Israel Ice Hockey Federation.