Checking Program I – Skating for Checking


This VOD title includes: Mirror Drills, Lateral Agility, Gap Control Skating, Steering & Angling Skating, Pressure and Contain Skating, Pivoting Drills

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Checking Program I – Skating for Checking

Sean Skinner and Stick with the Edge have done it again by producing another instructional video series, scientifically based and comprehensively researched. This video series on Checking for Ice Hockey covers all aspects of checking in including:

PROGRAM I – Skating for Checking

CHAPTER 1 – Mirror Drills
CHAPTER 2 – Lateral Agility
CHAPTER 3 – Gap Control Skating
CHAPTER 4 – Steering & Angling Skating
CHAPTER 5 – Pressure and Contain Skating
CHAPTER 6 – Pivoting Drills


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