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The Big Puck

On and Off the Ice

The original idea for the big puck was first conceived while training in Europe. Teams from the Czech Republic practicing were solid wagon tires to improve their passing and receiving skills. It looked like it was fun; and by the way they moved the puck, it obviously worked.

We were again reminded of the importance of passing and receiving during a coach’s seminar given by Ben Smith, the Head Coach of US Women’s Olympic Team. He mentioned that his team would use heavy steel ball bearings from time-to-time; thus, helping the players improve their passing and receiving mechanics.

We thought this was a great idea. The importance of passing and receiving was reinforced after speaking with Jack Blatherwick. We asked him how it was going, Jack said ” We can make them (CODP candidates) stronger and faster. But the biggest problem they have is improving their passing and receiving strength.”

What these great coaches and other have found out that player need to develop better passing and receiving strength. This item is a must for training the hockey player. Look at the Dryland Training for Stickhandling DVD to learn how to use the Big Puck for passing, receiving, shooting and stickhandling.

The Big puck is used for improve passing and receiving.

  • Diameter 6″
  • Height 2.25″
  • Weight 2.75′
  • Material SBR Rubber
  • Handle wood
  • Sliders Nylon

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Weight 2.84 lbs
Dimensions 7 × 7 × 3 in


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