Kind Words:

Dear Sean;

We have all your video’s and they are fantastic!…Any videos of yours we’ve seen are excellent so I’m sure the next will be no different.


Kevin Haight

Sean….I have your stickhandling and checking DVDs….I have to say they are as good as it gets…you sure spent a ton of time on these…also attending the Skating Symposium……anything new on the horizon?

Randy Jordan


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Hello Sean,

I wanted to drop you an email to let you know how much my son’s (ages 12 and 14) made out with your stickhandling and checking tapes. They started working with the tapes from last spring and have made dramatic gains in their skill levels. This achievement has given them greater self confidence when playing as well as a deeper understanding and enjoyment of the game. Unlike a skills camp, the boys are able to go back and review the tapes whenever they want. I believe this is the best money I ever spent on hockey. I should point out that at first the boy’s felt that many of the stickhandling skills were beyond their ability but with time and practice the skills developed and became second nature. One thing that helped them stay interested was that they really wanted to learn the trick moves which seemed impossible. With only 15 or so minutes of dryland practice a day for the past half of a year they have gotten to the point where their coaches consider them natural born stickhandlers. The checking tapes took all of the mystery out of checking and my son’s now give and take effective body checks and have become very efficient with their stick checking. I can see a complete difference in their body positioning when playing. Anyway, we couldn’t be more pleased with the results….I wanted to share with you the pleasure that working with your tapes has brought us. Both of my son’s have become impact players on their respective teams and come off the ice with the satisfaction of knowing they made a difference in their games.

Thank you very much!

Paul Ware

Dear Sean:

I recently had the pleasure of viewing one of your tapes and was thoroughly impressed…..

Thanks, My son is looking forward to attending one of your camps this summer.

Dan Murphy

Mr. Skinner

Stickhandling for Life!
I would have paid 5 times what these tapes cost! Why? Because the tapes are just about everything you need to know about stickhandling. Stickhandling Beyond Belief will last you for the rest of your life. It takes you from a fledgling to a god. The tapes cover the essentials, like how long your stick should be and conclude with complex techniques named after pros like Gretzky. All the drills are shown from different angles and are walked through slowly so you don’t miss a thing. There isn’t anything missing from these tapes except a portable TV/VCR so you can watch them at the rink. Rating out of five: 5

RJ Studio City California


I received your tape yesterday
It’s Fantastic!
You did an incredible job in showing how to execute fakes and dekes it’s the best tape on hockey techniques I’ve ever seen. It’s not the last tape I’m buying from you. Everybody will hear about it in Montreal.

Thank you again

Michael Rubino


Thanks for your e-mail. I will order the videos by name through the website.
I watched your stickhandling skills video with the same level of amazment as when I first saw Tiger Woods juggle a golf ball on his 7-iron, then hit a dead-straight shot down the fairway… My teams will really get a kick out of watching you… I am going to recommend to the rink that they play the video on the monitors in the lobby. Hopefully, they will distribute your clinic information to those who request it. Send me some and I will try to get it out there for you. There really is a lot of hockey interst here in the Atlantic District. But, there is also so much junk out there in the “hockey skill development” industry that I really never endorse anything to my players unless I truly believe it to be worth their hard earned money… I was impressed by your presentation more than any other and hope that you can come to the area to do a clinic. I think your video will help in this regard for those who do not know you by name and of course, I will respect your copyright and will not reproduce or sell your video to anyone.

David A. Baun

Dear Sean,

I am writing you this letter to apologize to you. Over a month ago, I called about ordering your stickhandling video series. I asked if you knew of any places that sold it at a lower price that you sold direct. Well let me just say these videos are so good that I would have paid over $200 for them. These are some of the best hockey instructional videos that I have ever seen. You must know every move in the book….As me and a friend were watching these videos, we thought you could probably score on an opposing team all by yourself. Sure enough in you drills video you do a 1 on 3 drill and you do just that!…

Finally, I was wondering if you plan on producing more videos. I would like to see some on skating and shooting.

Thank you very much,

Dan Andrichuk

Hello Sean,
…I seem to know many people who say they know you…. My 14 year old was Gold level before I bought your DVD’s and since I bought your 5 DVD set and the Breakaways, Penalty Shots & Shoot-outs, which my boys watch over and over, he has gained a higher level of control. You’re better than video’s games!

Your puck handling, trick shots and your instructions have inspired my son and he is working on every shot you demo on your DVD’s. My son’s coach was telling me that he had set up a clinic with you some years ago, I’d love to take my son to one and to be able to meet you, if at all possible. I have a feeling that you are going to be a huge influence in my son’s life….

Thank you…

Antoinette (Sam) Colburn

I have purchased both sets of videos from you on stickhandling and checking and they are great. As a youth hockey coach, I use ideas from them very frequently in our practices….

Greg Doyle


…The stickhandling series was great and my son watches it all the time, on his own!!! He is 12! We are sure the checking will help as well. Keep up the great work….

Don Cardone


I have all your DVDs and they are outstanding. Any plans for a comprehensive shooting DVD?


Mark Brockway
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