Kind Words:


I have all your DVDs and they are outstanding. Any plans for a comprehensive shooting DVD?


Mark Brockway


Thanks for a great tape series. That has helped my stickhandling so
Much…. Your videos have been the best purchase I have made since my skates. Now I understand why somethings work like they do and how those great players like Fedorov, Bure, Jagr, and Lemiuex make all of those fantastic moves(now I just have to get the years of experience and practice part down)…. I like the way you teach the material in your videos and I really feel I could benefit from a skating video made by you.

Anyway, thanks again for a great tape series.

James Wright


Dear Sean,
thank you very much for the „Stickhandling beyond belief!“, that you sent me. Your materials have filled me with enthusiasm. They are very interesting, and professionally made….

P.S.: I`m a fan of yours…

Yours sincerely,

Bedrich PastyrikGERMANY

It was a pleasure to make your personal acquaintance after all the phone time. My family and I all enjoyed the time we spent with you. It was also great to see you in action in person, rather than on the video. One of the 15 year-olds, who had seen your video, said it rather well: “It’s one thing to see him on video; you can tell
yourself that is not quite real, trick photography or something; but when you see Sean do the same thing in person, then you start to believe that you can do it yourself.”

I hope to have you back again. Regards

Greg Wentz

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