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Stick weights - Iron Arms
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Iron Arms

Iron Arms is a stick weight-training device that fits on to the shaft of your stick and to be used during practice to build strength in arms and wrists. Used by College and Pro players the Iron Arm can also be used by players as young as 6 years old and up.

Here is another great tool to help players get stronger for stickhandling, passing and shooting.  This can be used by players at home or at the practice on the ice.  The nice thing about this tool verses a heavy puck is that you can still shoot a regular puck at the goalie.

You can do all the same drills at practice and get stronger with and without the puck just carrying the stick around.  Player feel so quick with their hands after using this tool for 10-15 minutes.  This tool can also be used for players that hold their still up in the air or off the ice too much.  By using the Iron Arm on the stick the weight will force the player to keep the stick down on the ice.

This has to be the easiest stick weight tool of all out there to use just simply velcro the unit around the stick.  To adjust the weight raise it higher on the stick to make it lighter and to make it heavier lower the Iron Arm down the shaft towards the stick blade.  Dont get fooled by heavier versions as distally locating the weight magnifies the resistance and too much weight is not needed or recommended.

Strength development is very rapid if used properly and you will see a marked improvement within weeks of practicing with the Iron Arms Stick Weight.


4 3/8” x 7 ¼”


6 oz



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