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Build Powerful Wrist and Powerful Forearms That Give You An Outstanding And Memorable Hockey Wrist Shot!

Discover the Secret Training Tool That Gave Wayne Gretzky, Don Mattingly, John McEnroe and Other Pro Athletes The Edge Over Their Competition!

NY Rangers Hall of Famer Rod Gilbert's Original Power Arm - Build Wrist and Forearm Strength for Incredible Results in Hockey, Golf, Baseball and More!

As a boy, Rod Gilbert envied the powerful wrist shots and slap shots that seemed to come so easily to his hockey idols, Boom Boom Geoffrion and Rocket Richard?

But Gilbert knew that their forearm strength, power and accuracy were no accident! He set out to develop a training system that he could use to mirror their incredible results.

The Secret to Maximum Performance in Any Sport!

Training experts and athletes agree: The key to a great hockey shot, golf swing, or home run is in the wrists. Strong, solid wrists and good forearm strength allow hockey players to shoot hard and fast with maximum accuracy.

With this in mind, Gilbert set out to create the perfect training tool for building muscle in these all important areas:

*       the wrists

*       forearm flexors

*       forearm extensors and

*       biceps

To achieve your peak performance level, wrists and forearms must work together as one strong, stable unit to control the stick, pass the puck and deliver powerful shots. As well as mastering the wrist shot, slap shot, snap shot and backhand, Power Arm training also improves your:

*       Body checking - hit harder and faster

*       Resistance to injury - lessen your chances of sustaining an arm or wrist injury

*       Puck control - the stick becomes an extension of your firm, powerful wrists

*       Hand speed - sharpen your reflexes

The Power Arm has evolved from the primitive broom handle and weighted rope that Gilbert first used to propel his hockey shot to legendary heights, to a solid, lightweight and portable training tool favored by athletes all over the world today.

The Easiest Way to Improve Your Game.. Guaranteed!

The Power Arm fits into any suitcase, closet or training bag. You have no excuse not to use this powerful training weapon to up your game! With just a few minutes a day, you can enjoy the results that these athletes have:

"I highly recommend the Power Arm. It is essential for developing strong arms and wrists for every shot in hockey........." Wayne Gretzky - NHL All-Time Leading Scorer

"I play a power game and Power Arm helps me maintain my wrist and strength and flexibility, especially while I'm on the road....." Craig Stadler PGA Golf Star

"I recommend that Power Arm become an integral part of your overall workout. It is especially helpful for young players who want to increase power and bat speed........" Don Mattingly - 1995 American League Baseball MVP

"Strong wrists and forearms are a prerequisite for every shot in tennis. The Power Arm is an excellent way to develop them...." John McEnroe - 4 time Wimbledon singles tennis champion and 3 time U.S. Open single tennis champion

"Shoot the Puck! Score the Goal!" - Rod Gilbert, NY Rangers Hall of Famer and Creator of the Power Arm

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