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"Stickhandling is an art form and when performed
to perfection, is a thing of beauty"

Lance Pitlick, Sweet Hockey

What is Sweethands?

SweetHands is an innovative hockey skills training aid which will:

- increase your stickhandling speed and timing
- improve eye and stick co-ordination

This enables you to achieve better puck control and feel.

The SweetHands Stickhandling Trainer comes in eight one foot sections to provide several configuration options. Our products are well suited for both off ice and on ice training (removable spikes are included for the on ice drills).

How does Sweethands work?


Enhanced stickhandling skills will be achieved by maneuvering the puck or ball in and out ofSweetHands forcing the player to lift their stick up and over the connecting arm and regaining control of the puck or ball.

By having to lift your stick up and over the connecting arm, you will be delayed in recovering the puck or ball. This delay will force you to roll the wrist of your controlling hand, or top hand, to recover the puck or ball. The rolling of the wrist is critical to the improvement of all stickhandling skills. Stickhandling is a skill that is never perfected and must be constantly practiced, even at the college and professional levels.

After technically mastering each individual skill, the player will advance to higher speed movement drills, as well as partner passing, utilizing forehand, backhand and saucer passing. You will find that there are countless numbers of drills that can be created, making the SweetHands Stickhandling Trainer an ideal hockey training aid.

Why does it work?

The key to mastering any hockey skill is proper technique and repetition - repetition - repetition.

Where do you use it?

SweetHands is a dual purpose hockey training aid and can be used equally well in both on-ice and off-ice settings.

Below are some pictures of Sean Skinner working the Montreal Canadiens out on the SweetHands training tool.  You can use it individually or side by side to race each other. 

Players will love this challenging training tool while developing super fast hands.


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