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Shooting Bungie Cord 3 Pack
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Shootong Bungie Cords (one of each color - 3 cords)
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This is the best tool to increase your shot speed and strength in your shooting motion.  Tie one end around a pole and the other around the end of your stick near the blade and practice shooting wrist shots, snap shots and backhand shots.  Do 20-30 reps for 2-3 sets.  Players that have used this on a two month training program have increased their shot speed up to 10 mph.  Every player should use this training tool.

This set includes all three bungies of different resistances.  Blue, Red & Yellow

A fantastic training tool to increase shot speed and strength.  Studies have shown

that players can increase shot speed from 5-10 mph in just 6-8 weeks.  Players

should use the bungie cords to mimic the shot motion under resistance.  Here is

how it works.  Players can go in the weight room and lift all the weights they want

and they can get stronger but not nessesarily shoot faster.  The weight lifting

patterns do not simulate the shooting motion and does not work the same muscles.

Now players can develop right in the range of motion.


Players should use the cord 2-3 times per week doing 2-3 sets of 20-30 reps per

Shot.  Players will do wrist shots, snap shots and backhand shots.  Players 13 yrs

and older will use the yellow cord, 11-12 years old will use the red cord and 

players 10 and under use the blue cord.  Whatever color a player uses for the

forehand shots they will use one strength lower for the backhand shot.


To use the cord simply wrap one end around a pole, fence or very sturdy object.

Then, slip the small ring through the big ring and tighten around the pole.  Next,

push part of the bungie cord through the small left over O-Ring creating another

loop.  Slide the stick blade through the loop and secure tightly just at the bottom

of the shaft of the stick blade.  Now you are ready.  Step away from the pole and 

stretch the cord so there is no slack.  Stand with your feet  at a 45 degree angle

and start the push pull shooting motion.

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