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The following is a list of all the sources that went into making this 10 volume skating DVD series:

Books – VHS – DVD’s – CD’s

Produced by Sean Skinner & SKINNER Hockey


Lloyd Percival

   The Hockey Handbook – Percival - 1958

   Total Conditioning for Hockey – Percival – 1960’s

Power Skating – the key to better hockey – John Wild – 1971

Ice Hockey Skating – Harry Brown, Ph.D. – 1972

Howie Meeker’s Hockey Basics – Howie Meeker - 1973

Le Patinage – Georges Lariviere ph.d. – 1973

Dynamic Skating – Buck Matiowski – 1974

Analysis of Skating – Gaston Marcotte - Canada Nat’l Proceeding 1975

More Hockey Basics – Howie Meeker – 1975

Hockey 1 Skates and Skating – Paul Deegan – 1976

Cinematographic Analysis of Skating – Larry Holt - Canada Nat’l Proceeding 1977

Practical Concerns in Teaching Skating – Gaston Marcotte - Canada Nat’l Proceeding 1977

Power  Skating The Hockey Way – Laura Stamm  - 1977

Power Skating – Pierre Page - Canada Nat’l Proceeding 1978

Skating – Pierre Page - Canada Nat’l Proceeding 1979

More Power to Your Skating – Barbara Williams/Shirley Walton Fischler – 1979

The Illustrated Encyclopedia Ice Skating – Mark Heller – 1979

Kompendium for Foreningsinstruktorer Ishockey – Sweden – 1980’s

Skating – Bill Mahoney - Canada Nat’l Proceeding 1981

Complete Hockey Instruction – Dave Chambers – 1982

Power Skating A Pro Coaches Secrets – Laura Stamm -1982

Skateology – Sidney Broadbent – 1985

The New Power Skating – Your key to better hockey – John Wild – 1987

Hockey Fitness – Don MacAdam/Gail Reynolds – 1988

Skill Analysis Skating – Wally Kozak - Canada Nat’l Proceeding 1989

Laura Stamm’s Power Skating Skills for explosive skating-proven by the Pros – Laura Stamm -1989

Fitness: The Key To Hockey Success – Howard A. Wenger Ph.D. – 1993

Gap Control for Defensemen – George Kingston Ph.D. - Canada Nat’l Proceeding 1990

Physical Fitness and Technical Skill Appraisal of Ice Hockey Players –

George Lariviere/Paul Godbout/Mario Lamontagne - Revised 1991

The Physiology of Ice Hockey – Ted Rhodes, Ph.D./Peter Twist, M.P.E. – 1991

Basic Hockey and Skating Skills, The Backyard Rink Approach –

Jeremy Rose/Murray Smith – 1993

Skating for Miami Hockey – William R. Davidge – 1993

How to Develop Speed, Power And Strength – John O’Shea Dolan – 1994

Over-Speed Skill Training for hockey – Jack Blatherwick – 1994

Professional Slide Board The Original Training Diary and Guide  -

 Colin McClean – 1994

Skater’s Edge Sourcebook – Alice Berman – 1995

Complete Hockey Instruction – Dave Chambers – 1995

Get The Edge Power Skating Technique – Audrey Bakewell’s – 1996

Complete Conditioning for Ice Hockey – Peter Twist – 1996

Finnish Dryland Training Manual – Seppo Liitsola/Lasse Heikkila – 1997

The Father of Russian Hockey Tarasov Hockey’s Rise to International

Prominence Through the Eyes of a Coaching Legend – Anatoly Tarasov – 1997

Fitness In-Line Skating – Suzanne Nottingham/Frank J. Fedel – 1997

Hockey Agility – Dr. Yasha Smushkin/Dr. Elena Smushkin – 1997

Skill Progressions For Player And Coach Development – Val Belmonte – 1997

High-Performance Skating for Hockey – Cady/Stenlund – 1998

Fitness For High Performance Hockey – Howie Wenger, Ph. D. – 1998

Speed on Skates – Barry Publow – 1999

Stop It There, Back It Up! – Howie Meeker – 1998

Power Skating The Coaching Advantage – Jim Fleming – 2000

Laura Stamm’s Power Skating -  Laura Stamm – 2001

Let’s Beat Them In Ice Hockey – Erkka Westerlund/Raimo Summanen – 2000

Skating for Power and Speed – Sean Rossiter/Paul Carson – 2002

52-Week Hockey Training – Don MacAdam/Gail Reynolds – 2002

How Hockey Works – Keltie Thomas – 2002

Strength, Conditioning, And Injury Prevention For Hockey –

Joseph M. Horrigan/E. J. “Doc” Kreis- 2003

The Physics of Hockey – Alain Hache - 2002

Hockeyology – Kevin Vincent Huhn – 2004

Complete Conditioning for Ice Hockey – Peter Twist – 2007 



Plyometrics – Explosive Power  Training – James C. Radcliffe/

Robert C. Farentinos – 1985

Plyometrics An Illustrated Guide – Randy Smythe – 1987

Acceleration An Illustrated Guide – Randy Smythe – 1988

Plyometric Exercises With The Medicine Ball – Dr. Donald Chu’s – 1989

Theory and Methodology of Training – Tudor O. Bompa – 1983

Sports Agility – Frank Costello and E.J “Doc” Kreis -  1993

Jumping Into Plyometrics – Donald A. Chu – 1992

Power Training For Sport – Tudor O.Bompa – 1993

Periodization of Strength – tudor O. Bompa – 1993

Explosive Power & Strength – Donald A. Chu, PhD – 1996

Plyo Play For Kids – Dr. Donald Chu – 1996

Sports Speed – George Dintiman/Bob Ward/Tom Tellez– 1997

Strength Ball Training – Lorne Goldenberg/Peter Twist – 2002



1977 Right Start Skating & Skating Agility – CAHA – 18 min

1977 Int’l Centre of Excellence CAHA

Skating Balance And Power – 40 minutes

Acceleration – 17:25 minutes

Skating Agility – 18:15 minutes

1978 Ukraine - Team Druzhba

1979 Bonnier Modern Swedish Hockey School Swedish Ice Hockey Federation

Bonnier Video #2 Skating Part I – 17:40 minutes

Bonnier Video #3 Skating Part II – 20:30 minutes

Bonnier Video #4 Skating  Part III- 15:00 minutes

Skating And Puckhandling

1979 AHAUS - Amateur Hockey Association of the United States

USA Quickness – Power

Beginning Skating

Advanced Skating

1980’s USA Hockey

Fundamentals of Powerskating - 21 minutes

Advanced Powerskating – 21 minutes

Conditioning For Youth Hockey

Skating Dynamics For Officials

1980’s  Russian Rink Rat – Tarasov

1980’s Tarasov Skating – 22:03 minutes – Date?

1980’s Verner Pearson - High Speed Development-Sweden

1980’s CHA - Fun Games on Ice (Under 9)

1980’s Gaston Schaffer Interview

1982 Skating – NCAA Hockey

1985 Here’s Howe Skating – Gordie Howe – 30 min

1986 Modern Techniques of Skating I, II, III – Andrews

1990’s Swedish Skating – Skridskoakning

1990’s Finnish Skating

1990’s Ola Olsson Swedish Skating

1990’s Skating:  The Chighisola Way – New England Hockey 

1990’s Russian Skating System – Sergey Tartykov

1990’s The Sport International Hockey Academy – Bob Baldwin Skating Analysis

1990’s  USA Hockey - Small Area Games

1990 Canskating - Canpower Skate – 52 minutes

1992 Stick Down, Head Up! – Burggraff’s Skating Skills

1992 Get the Edge – Audrey Bakewell – 26 min

1993 Skating – Bill Davidge

1994 Hockey from Oates to Neely to You – Paul Vincent

1994 Laura Stamm’s Powerskating:  The Basics to Skate Great Hockey – 28 min

1995 Skate like a Pro – Paul Coffey

1995 Secrets of Hockey Speed – Robby Glantz  52 min

1996 Skating & Puck Control:  Confidence, control & power on skates – Shawn

Killen - Planet Hockey – 40 min

1998 Al Murdoch - Power Skating - 53 minutes

1998 High Performance Skating for Hockey – Steve Cady – Huron Hockey – 53 min

2000’s Bjorn Kinding Skating – 32 minutes

2000 Abc’s of Ice Hockey - Tom Malloy

2001 Candian Hockey Association - Fundamental Off-Ice Skill Training

2001 Explosive Speed for Ice Hockey – Steve Serdachny – 60 min

2001 Skating for Checking – Sean Skinner

2001 On-ice Plyometrics – Sean Skinner

2003 Hockey Techniques – Todd Drevitch

Cross Training For Younger Athletes – 28:20 minutes

Long Powerful Strides, Quick Feet & Edge Control – 49:32 minutes

Agility, Tight Power Turns and Deep Crossovers – 42:48 minutes

Explosive Takeoffs, Acceleration & Stopping  - 56:20 minutes

2003 Russian Dryland  



1991 Spalding Sport Rope

1993 Jumping into Plyometrics – Dr. Donald Chu

1994 Hockey Off-Ice-2  ½ hr - Steve Sagedahl

1997 Dryland Training – Off-ice Training for On-ice Excellence - Planet Hockey

1997 Plyometric Training for Ice Hockey - Ed Kubachka

1997 Strength Training for Ice Hockey - Ed Kubachka

1998 Train to Win - Off-ice Fitness for High Performance - Wayne Gretzky - 75 min

1998 Strength and Power Training - Dr. Milan Coh and Prof. Bojan Struger

1998 Jump to the Moon – Speed City – Mike Frascogna III

1999 Dryland Training and Conditioning Drills- Paul Goodman

2000 Total Hockey Conditioning - Dr. Tudor Bompa and Dr. Dave Chambers

2000 The Complete Guide to Plyometrics- Don Chu

2001 High-Powered Plyometrics – Radcliffe

2002 Steffen Intensified Plyometrics for Hockey – Steffen - 32:45 minutes

2002 Steffen Intensified Off-season weight training hockey specific – Steffen - 23 min

2003 Off-ice training with the Pros - Bob Halkidis and Mike Hartman



Crossover Carousel – Delrotech 7:45 minutes

Powerskater Dryland conditioning of the mind and muscles for skating

Bungie Cords - Speedster Training System

The Skier’s Edge

Russian Extreme Balance Board – 9 minutes   1998

Slideboard - Hockey Sport - 48 minutes

Hockey Treadmill - Frappier Acceleration Multi-sport video

Hockey Heat Slideboard - Norm Lacombe and Bjorn Kinding


Roller Hockey Videos

1995 Inline Roller Hockey Skating - Roller Hockey Magazine Bobby Hull Jr. – 51 min

2000 USA Hockey Inline Super Skills Series – 30 minutes


Speed Skating Videos

 Speed SkatingTraining & Competition (ISU)

 Speed Skating (ISU)



2000 Hockey Heat- Home Education and Training - Bjorn Kinding

2002 Skills development and conditioning DVD - Smart Hockey- Gard Mayer

2002 Many Sided Physical Training in Ice-Hockey - Finnish Ice Hockey Association

2003 Secrets of  Hockey Speed Vol 1 & 2 Robby Glantz Int’l Power Skating -56 min

2003 International PowerSkating Summit – 23 DVD’s Sean Skinner Hockey, Inc.

2004 Skating Practice For Hockey – Jack Blatherwick

Part 1 Learn By Watching

Part 2 Conducting a Practice To Improve

2004 FlyWheel - Checkmark Hockey Systems - Andrew Blaylock

2004 Gliding:   Integrated Muscle Conditioning - Sherri McMillan

2004 Explosive Speed for Hockey - Steve Serdachny

2004 Bosu Hockey Sports Conditioning Series – Peter Twist

2005 Skills of Gold - skating - Hockey Canada

2005 International Hockey Skating Symposium – 21 DVD’s – Sean Skinner

2005 Diana Schaeffering

Skating Fundamentals for Beginners

Forward Stride

Backward Skating

Forward Crossover

2005 Breaking out of the Ice Age - The next generation of Hockey Skating - Wendy Marco

2005 Laura Stamm’s Power Skating - Laura Stamm - 50 minutes

2006 Total Hockey Training Systems - Dean Talafous

2006 Planet Hockey - Skating and Puck Control

2006 Gliding:Total Body Basics, Gliding Beyond the Basics, Gliding Games – Mindy


2007 Ultimate Skating vol. 1-4 Skills and Drills for Beginners to Pros! - Sonya Shewchuk

2007 Speed, Agility, and Quickness for Hockey Performance – Peter Twist -  59 min

2007 Lower-body Power for Hockey Performance: Legs & Core - Peter Twist -

41 min

2007 Complete Conditioning for Hockey – Peter Twist – Book and DVD

2008 Goaler One Slideboard - Jay Kirk



2004 Skating Fundamentals – MN Hockey - Hal Tearse

2004 Teaching Backwards Skating and Transitions – MN Hockey – Hal Tearse

2004 Total Hockey Interactive Instructional Series - Volume 1 Skills - Kevin Constantine

2004 Total Hockey Interactive Instructional Series–Practice & Drills - Kevin Constantine

2006 Skills and Drills for the complete player and coach – USA Hockey


Sports Science Journals – Acceleration/Biomechanics/Conditioning

Produced by Sean Skinner & SKINNER HOCKEY


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