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coaching symposiums and  speaking testimonies

We met breifly last year at the USA Hockey Advanced Coaching Education Clinic in Pennsylvania.
Let me say firstly that I was more impressed with your presentation, teaching and demonstration of skills than with any of the other numerous similar presentations that I have seen over the years. I have recommended your clinics to my players…I want to purchase the video and show it to my teams, but I want to be certain that I am purchasing the one that I have described to them. The video I am thinking of featured you demonstrating penalty shot-type breakaways on a goalie -- it displayed the most astounding feats of puck control that I have ever seen.

Dave Baun


Good afternoon. I recently attended classes for my Level 2 coaches card and I was blown away by the stick handling, shooting part of the class where you and your staff were shown. I am going to purchase today two of the DVD's that you have on your website. I am also going to sign my boys up for your clinics in August in Vineland, New Jersey or Webster, New York. Lastly I wanted to find out if you give private lessons. Believe it or not if you have access to a rink I would be willing to bring my boys out to work with you in Colorado perhaps over a weekend. Please advise.


Brad Parker


I am Rick Dow a Mass Hockey Director. I spoke with you last week at our advance clinic session in Framingham. I must say your skill with a puck is inspiring.

I did order several sets of DVDs for our hockey club the Boston Patriots. I am inquiring if a copy of the NHL clip is also available somehow. You know the one where Mondano, I believe, fakes two monster slap shots and works is way in for a score and others showing extreme skill at puckhandling. How can one obtain a copy?

I had to laugh because a copy of your stick handling was being run for the coaches to watch in the lobby. While standing in the crowd I overhead many say " Let him try that with a body or some lumber on him." So what is the first thing you say....? I just had to laugh then you show the video of it actually happening. Bravo!

Again thanks for an educational session last week.


Rick Dow

Hi Sean,

I attended your seminar for Mass hockey a few months back where you spoke on stickhandling (which some of your stuff is mind blowing), training and checking. All three subjects were informative and well presented, but I really thought your info on the checking part of the game was the best I had heard….


Kevin Reilly



I attended the Advanced Caoches clinic in Tampa FL earlier this year. I was very impressed with your clinic and bought your stickhandling video series…. I have been using many of your drills in the practices and clinics I run and they have been well received. I have let those who wanted to know abouth them where I got them so hopefuly you will ge some extra orders for your fine series. Thanks

Jim Haverstrom

Hi Sean. I attended the Roger Nielson Clinic in June of this year and witnessed one of your fantastic tapes. As I have now coached for 19 years…..

Thank you.

Mark Atkinson

Based on all the faces you have seen at the coaching clinics in the past weeks I'm sure you don't remember me specifically, however I did enjoy your presentation and I am interested in getting some materials from you. I am interested in getting the Stickhandling video series and about 25 to 30 Swedish stickhandling balls.

Keep up the great work on skill development. In my mind that is the game!

Ken Dixon 

First of all I want to thank you for making it to the level 3 clinic last weekend in Southgate, MI. I have had the pleasure of having both a level 2 and level 3 clinic that you were a speaker.I can not thank you enough for the time and energy that you contribute to USA Hockey for the good of the sport.

I had you sign a copy of your video for my boy's and they were both very happy that I got another Sean Skinner video, but were so sorry that they were not there to see you in person. I just received the series on "Checking for Ice Hockey" from EPuck and am just as impressed at the quality and effort you put in to this as you did in the series on "Stickhandling Beyond Belief". Thanks.

I wanted to purchase some of the wooden stickhandling ball in Southgate but you were all sold out by the time I got to you. I was going to buy enough for the entire Travel Peewee team that my boys play on(and one for me of course)…. I look forward to watching and learning from your videos.

Are you planning another Power Skating Convention in this area like you did last summer? I am sorry that I did not attend that one. Thanks Again

Shawn Dalton